Unofficial Listing of the Soaring Society of America Awards and Badges: The 1-26 Association Virginia M. Schweizer Competition Trophy

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Soaring Society of America Badges and Awards: The 1-26 Association Virginia M. Schweizer Competition Trophy

This trophy is a copper plated 1-26 complemented by a large and exquisite turquoise nugget. The trophy was made possible through the combined efforts of the Tucson Soaring Club, The Women Soaring Pilots Association and Paul and Ginny Schweizer.

Virginia Schweizer has been an inspiration and leader by example to women everywhere who have wanted to join the sport of soaring.   This trophy honors her for the great contributions she continues to make to open the doors to women so they can fully participate in soaring at every level of achievement.   This trophy is awarded to the feminine pilot who achieves the highest average daily score in the 1-26 Championships.   The winner must fly at least 30 per cent of the total contest days.

( photo courtesy of Jayne Reid )

Complete information from the 1-26 Association Schweizer Trophys is available. Awardees include:

2019 - Cathy Williams
2018 - Cathy Williams
2017 - Cathy Williams
2016 - Kristin Farry
2015 - Not Awarded
2014 - No Contest
2013 - Cathy Williams
2012 - Not Awarded
2011 - No Contest
2010 - Not Awarded
2009 - Not Awarded
2008 - Not Awarded
2007 - Cathy Williams
2006 - Not Awarded
2005 - Not Awarded
2004 - Not Awarded
2003 - Not Awarded
2002 - Not Awarded
2001 - Not Awarded
2000 - Not Awarded
1999 - Jayne E. Reid
1998 - Jayne E. Reid
1997 - Not Awarded
1996 - Gayle Lathrop
1995 - Luan Walker
1994 - Joann B. Shaw
1993 - Gayle P. Lathrop
1992 - Gayle P. Lathrop
1991 - Gayle P. Lathrop
1990 - Joann B. Shaw
1989 - Elaine Cutri

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