Unofficial Listing of the Soaring Society of America Awards and Badges: Gold Badges for 1965

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Earning an FAI Gold Badge requires that the pilot complete an altitude gain of 3,000 meters, a distance flight of over 300 km, and a duration flight of five hours.   Only one duration flight is necessary to meet the requirements of both the Silver and the Gold Badge.

 259 H.E. Jensen
 258 Joe Conn
 257 William B. Cleary
 256 John B. Frantz
 255 Suzanne V. Moffat²
 254 Malcolm A. Bagshaw
 253 Leslie H. Gould
 252 Stephen du Pont
 251 E. Richard Padgett
 250 Cal Kristen
 249 Irving Taylor
 248 Walter D. Heermann
 247 Helmut E.A. Heiber
 246 A.R. (Don) Fisher
 245 Earl J. Seagars
 244 David M. Nees
 243 Kenneth R. Taylor
 242 Raymond A. McAlpine
 241 Robert E. Campbell
 240 Ralph S. Royce
 239 George B. Giller
 238 John Baird
 237 Jerald D. Morris
 236 George R. Bromley
 235 Charles N. Adkisson
 234 Burton C. Meyer
 233 James K. LaFleur
 232 Lee Brody
 231 Charles M. Drew
 230 Hollister Nelson
 229 Ernest A. Steinhoff
 228 Edgar D. Seymour
 227 Richard Delafield
 226 William T. Schick
 225 Robert L. Scheurer
 224 Jerry M. Davis
 223 Helmut Kanter
 222 Sam W. Huddleston
 221 Leonard R. Boyd
 220 Earl D. Shelor
 219 Donal H. Morgan
 218 Rovert F. Hupe
 217 Neil A. Armstrong
 216 Malcolm D. Stevenson
 215 Mervin L. Hicks


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