Unofficial Listing of the Soaring Society of America Awards and Badges

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Soaring Society of America Non-Competitive Awards

Soaring Society of America Competitive Awards

FAI Badges awarded by the Soaring Society of America

Soaring Performance Awards

International Awards

Junior Awards

Other Awards and Noteworthy Events


Other Lists of Badges and Awards

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This information is made available thanks to the contributions of Aland Adams, Bill Bartell, Tom Beltz, Loek Boermans, Cindy Brickner, Carl E. Burson, Jr., Arleen Coleson, JoAnn and Bob Dittert, Jana Drane, Duane Eissenbeiss, Kevin Ford, Jonathan Gere, Ray Gimmey, Andy Gordon, Rollin Hasness, Tom Huffstutler, Gary Ittner, Doug Jacobs, Tor Johannssen, Tom Knauff, Colleen Kulpa, Michael Lattimore, Denise Layton, Hannes Linke, Sue and Roy McMaster, Bob Maronde, Stephen Northcraft, Hans Nietlispach, Jim Payne, Alan Reeter, Jayne Reid, Bertha Ryan, Peter Ryder, John Seaborn, Simine Short, Peter W. Smith, Sharon Smith, Guy Spencer, David Stevenson, Karl Striedieck, Jim Walsh, Rick Walters, Walter Weir, and Cornelia Yoder. Many thanks!!

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