Unofficial Listing of the Soaring Society of America Awards and Badges: Silver Badges for 2006

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The Silver Badge is intended to develop the self-reliance of the new soaring pilot.   Earning the Silver Badge requires that the pilot complete a flight over a straight course of at least 50 km, an altitude gain of at least 1,000 meters, and a duration flight of at least five hours.

6611 Wolf-Dietrich Weber
6610 Daniel J. Peters
6609 Scott Fletcher
6608 Robert Morehardt
6607 George A. Saunders
6606 Jerry Clark
6605 Curt "Trace" Lewis, III
6604 Anton Moehrke
6603 David B. Newill
6602 Leo Benetti-Longhini
6601 Wayne R. Dawson
6600 Lee B. Grisham
6599 Thomas Nau
6598 John D. Scott³
6597 Jerry Snedden
6596 Dwain Henderson³
6595 Shannon Madsen
6594 James H. Todd
6593 Werner Ruegger
6592 Hiromi Nakatsuka
6591 Gerald A. Simpson
6590 Maxwell Birley
6589 Laura Hession²
6587 Jean-Jacques Malosse
6587 Piet E. Barber
6586 George J. Smith
6585 Tom Bargainnier
6584 John M. Carlyle
6583 Tom Saunders
6582 Grace Higgins²
6581 Marilyn Meline²
6580 Mario Lazaga
6579 Corey Sullivan
6578 Matt Herron, Jr.
6577 Morteza Ansari
6576 George N. Behuniak³
6575 Virginia Farnsworth²
6574 Robert L. Dunning³
6573 Edward S. Sitver
6572 Terrance Dickinson
6571 Joseph L. Hyde
6570 Nikolay Filippov
6569 Anthony N. Turiano³

³ All badge legs flown in a 1-26

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