The Richard P. Bultman Youth Flight Scholarship

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This is a "worker" award for a young soaring pilot who has made impressive contributions to a USA soaring Club or School. Someone who may be too financially strapped to buy tows for personal recreation or personal progress in the sport.

This award is intended to finance post-solo soaring by SSA members aged 14-22. This includes activities such as chasing badges, attending wave camps, entering contests, as opposed to flight training for FAA ratings.

Winners of this single annual scholarship are selected from young soaring-pilot and SSA member applicants who are of great service at a USA gliderport, and who make a good case via an applicant's statement and letters of recommendation for their desire to progress in soaring, their financial need, and promise in other aspects of life.

Promotion of the program is a cooperation between SSA, which administers and judges the scholarship, and local soaring clubs and schools, who do any training of the winner or collect any fees for aircraft rental or services: when one of their ground-crew gang wins, they win.

The sponsors of this program, from throughout the USA soaring community, hope the scholarship will help a few more young people make the transition from basic glider flying to sport soaring. In the process, the word can grow that excellence as a soaring pilot need not require advanced age or a large bank account. Perhaps most importantly, this is a "thank you" to young ground-crew workers on whom the sport depends so much.

For more information please consult the Richard P. Bultman Youth Flight Scholarship WWW site.

Recipients have included:

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