The Cadet Youth Flight Scholarship

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The Cadet Scholarship is a grassroots effort to get young people acquainted with soaring. It is named after the first "utility" training glider in production, built for "air-minded youth" of the 1930's. The Cadet featured an enclosed fuselage and landing wheel, reasonable soaring performance yet rugged construction: an all-in-one beginner's glider. Winners of scholarships and several smaller prizes are selected each year from young non-pilot applicants who visit a USA gliderport and make a good case via an essay and vita for their desire to learn to fly, financial need, and promise in other aspects of life. The sponsors of this program, from throughout the USA soaring community, hope the contest will introduce the sport and spark many beginnings towards a lifetime of soaring enjoyment. For some award winners, it will be an ideal ground-floor to an aviation career. The designer of the Cadet glider himself, Dr. Frank R. Gross of Akron, OH, initiated the funding for this SSA scholar

For more information please consult the the Cadet Youth Flight Scholarship WWW site.

Winners of the Cadet Youth Flight Scholarship include:

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