The Joseph C. Lincoln Memorial Award

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The Joseph C. Lincoln Memorial Award is presented every two years on Thanksgiving weekend at the Snowbird Banquet, hosted by the National Soaring Museum in Elmira, New York.

The Joseph C. Lincoln Memorial Award was established by Harris Hill Soaring Corporation, Elmira, NY in memory of Joseph C. Lincoln. whose writings about soaring did so much to get people started in the sport of soaring. His books, "Soaring for Diamonds", "On Quiet Wings," and "Soaring on the Wind", as well as the many articles he wrote, are the inspiration for this award.

The criteria used to select the winning writing are:

  1. Must be interesting.
  2. Should be in the style of Joe Lincoln's writing.
  3. Should encourage the reader to join in the sport of soaring.
  4. Must be published in the English language.
Books, poems, magazine articles, newsletter articles may be submitted.. They must have been published between July 1 two years prior to the award through June 30 of the year of the award. Entries should be presented to the awards committee by October 1st of the year of the award. Names of the recipients of the award will be announced at the annual Snowbird Contest Banquet at Harris Hill in November. The actual award will be presented at the SSA Convention when possible. Some of these works may be available through the National Soaring Museum's collections.

Full information is available from the Harris Hill Soaring Corporation WWW site.

2009 - John Good: "World Gliding Competion"
2007 - Dale Masters: "Soaring Beyond Basics"
2005 - Juan Mandelbaum: "A Fine Week of Soaring"
2003 - Wallace A. Scott: "The Preparation and Execution of Long Distance Flights"
2002 - William Gallagher: "The Colditz Cock and the Great Escape Scenario"
2001 - Gary Fogel: "Wind and Wings" - Book
2000 - Michael Bird: "Platypus Papers" - Book
1999 - Paddy Welles: "As Good as it Gets"
1998 - Sanjay Acharaya: "Soaring Ashram in the Estrellas"
1997 - Burt Whelan: "Cloud Dancing" - Book
1996 - Paddy Welles: "Gramma Learns to Fly"
1995 - Pat Valdata: "Just Like A Hawk"
1994 - Scott Jenkins: "On Winter's Trail"
1993 - Billy Hill: "Team Flying and Low Time Race Pilots"
1992 - No award
1991 - Sergio Colacevich: "Infinite Flight"
1990 - Charlie Spratt: "Sailplane Racing News"
1989 - Jack Green: "Sunshine and Shadows of Soaring"
1988 - Paul A. Schweizer: "Wings Like Eagles" - Book
1987 - Doug Jacobs: "Benediction"
1986 - Roy McMaster: "Four on the Floor"
1986 - Robby Robertson: "Four on the Floor"
1986 - Karl Striedieck: "Four on the Floor"
1986 - John Seymour: "Four on the Floor"
1985 - Christopher Woods: "Quiet Challenge" - Movie Script
1984 - Gren Seibels: "After All" - Book
1983 - David Harris: "An Ordinary Day at the Field"
1982 - Robert Gannon: "P.S. Editor Helps Set World Record"
1981 - Don Santee: "Soaring Colorado Plateau"
1980 - Geraldine Silveira: "Motel 1-26"
1979 - Robert Gray: "Down and Out"
1978 - No award
1977 - John Joss: "Sierra Sierra" - Book
1976 - Gren Seibels: "A Gaggle of One" - Book
1975 - Jim George: "Two Long Final Glides"

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