Schreder 15-Meter Class Trophy

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Sides: 1976-1983, 1984-1991, 1992-1999, 2000-2001

This trophy is presented each year to the U.S. 15-Meter Class Champion as determined at the annual U.S. National 15-Meter Class Championships.  

In 1977 Richard and Angelike Schreder presented the trophy to the SSA to support the 15-Meter Class.    This class allows for the incorporation of all present and future performance and technological improvements without arbitrary restrictions.   The Schreder's also provided a $5,000 endowment to provide income for engraving, maintaining, and transporting the trophy.   The after-expense balance of the yearly dividends is awarded to the 15-Meter Class Champion at the conclusion of the annual championships.   The trophy featured a polished-metal model of the HP-18 sailplane (designed by Richard Schreder) carved from solid aluminum.   It was mounted on a base of American black walnut and inscribed with the names of the yearly winners.   In 1986, at the 15-Meter Nationals in Barstow, CA, this trophy was destroyed in an unfortunate hangar fire.   A plastic version was substituted until 2001 when a new model was added.

( photos courtesy of Karl Striedieck )
Since 1976 the recipients of the trophy have been:
2021 - Rick Indrebo: ASG-29-15, Minden, NV
2020 - No Contest, Minden, NV
2019 - Sean Murphy, Ventus-2B Lancaster, SC
2018 - Rick Indrebo, ASG-29-15, Uvalde, TX
2017 - Sean Fidler, ASG-29-15, Cordele, SC
2016 - Peter Deane, ASG-29-15, Nephi, UT
2015 - Fernando Silva, ASW-27, Harris Hill, NY
2014 - Ray Gimmey, ASG-29-15, Montague, CA
2013 - David Mockler, ASG-29-15, Hobbs, NM
2012 - James K. (Chip) Garner, DuckHawk, Reedsville, PA
2011 - Timothy Taylor, Ventus 2a, Logan, UT
2010 - Billy Ruehle: ASW-27B, Uvalde, TX
2009 - No Contast, Cordele, GA
2008 - John Seaborn: Ventus-2B, Uvalde, TX
2007 - Gary Ittner: ASG-29, Reedsville, PA
2006 - Ray Gimmey: ASW-27B, Montague, CA
2005 - Dave Mockler: ASW-27B, Uvalde, TX
2004 - No Contest, Reedsville, PA
2003 - Timo Kiiha: Ventus-2BX, Hobbs, NM
2002 - Dave Mockler: ASW-27, Tonopah, NV
2001 - Karl Striedieck: ASW-27, Uvalde, TX
2000 - Hank Nixon: ASW-27, Reedsville, PA
1999 - Karl Striedieck: ASW-27, Hobbs, NM
1998 - Bill Bartell: Ventus 2A, Montague, CA
1997 - Garry Ittner: Ventus C, Albert Lea, MN
1996 - Karl Striedieck: ASW-27, Reedsville, PA
1995 - Doug Jacobs: LS-6B, Hobbs, NM
1994 - Ray Gimmey: LS-6A, Livingston, MT
1993 - Peter Masak: ASW-20A, Reedsville, PA
1992 - Richard Hall: Ventus B, Minden, NV
1991 - Rick Walters: Discus B, Hobbs, NM
1990 - Doug Jacobs: LS-6B, Minden, NV
1989 - Karl Striedieck: LS-6B, Uvalde, TX
1988 - Doug Jacobs: LS-6B, Chester, SC
1987 - Karl Striedieck: Ventus A, Barstow, CA
1986 - Robert Robertson: Ventus A, Uvalde, TX
1985 - Sam Giltner: Ventus A, Cordele, GA
1984 - Doug Jacobs: Ventus B, Ephrata, WA
1983 - Karl Striedieck: ASW-20, Ionia, MI
1982 - Doug Jacobs: Ventus B, Elmira, NY
1981 - Ray Gimmey: ASW-20, Minden, NV
1980 - Karl Striedieck: ASW-20, Springfield, OH
1979 - Eric Mozer: ASW-20, Adrian, MI
1978 - George Moffat: ASW-20, Ephrata, WA
1977 - Karl Striedieck: ASW-17 (without tip panels), Hobbs, NM
1976 - Joe Emons: Libelle 301, Bryan, OH

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