The Malcolm D. Stevenson Memorial Trophy ( National Motorglider Champion )

The National Motorglider Champion trophy honors Malcolm D. (Mike) Stevenson, who was tragically killed in a mid-air in 1986. This 13 inch silver platter, which Mike had won in another sport, was transformed by his wife and son and awarded in 1988 at the first nationals.

As of the 2005 contest season, the Malcolm D. Stevenson Trophy will be presented to the highest placing motorglider at the 18 Meter Nationals.

( photo courtesy of Jim Walsh )

Recipients of the Malcolm D. Stevenson Memorial Trophy include:

2006 - Monty Sullivan: Hobbs, NM
2005 - Bill Gawthrop: Montague, CA
2004 - Edwin M. Salkfeld: Fredericksburg, TX
2003 - John Lubon: Return to Kitty Hawk
2002 - Jim Walsh and Rick Howell: Steamboat Springs, CO
2001 - Bernie Gross and Rick Howell: Hobbs, NM
2000 - Rick Howell: Midlothian, TX
1999 - David Coggins and Rockki Roberts: Hobbs, NM
1998 - David Volkmann: Hobbs, NM
1997 - No Contest
1996 - Rick Howell: Hobbs, NM
1995 - Dave Volkmann: Minden, NV
1994 - Ed Shilen: Winter Haven, FL
1993 - Ed Shilen: Hobbs, NM
1992 - Ernesto Estrada: Littlefield, TX
1991 - David Stevenson: Marfa, TX
1990 - David Stevenson: Littlefield, TX
1989 - Don Pollard: Hutchinson, KS
1988 - David Stevenson: Uvalde, TX

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