The Paul Tissandier Diploma

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Perpetual international awards established in 1952 by FAI in memory of Paul Tissandier, a pioneer French aviator, Treasurer of the FAI from its foundation to 1919, and its Secretary General from 1919 to 1945.

As stated on the Diplomas, they are awarded to those persons who have served the cause of aviation and private and sporting aviation in particular, by their work, initiative, devotion or in any other way.

Each Aero club which is a member of FAI may recommend a number of deserving candidates for these Diplomas each year; the U.S. is allowed three.   The recipients are confirmed by the FAI Administrative Council and publicly announced and the Diplomas are awarded at the annual FAI General Conference.   The U.S. National Aero Club, the National Aeronautic Association, solicits from SSA the names of persons in the field of soaring who might by considered for award of Tissandier Diplomas and periodically includes one in its recommendations to FAI.

Paul Tissandier Diplomas have been awarded to the following persons in the U.S. for their activities in the field of soaring:

( photo courtesy of the FAI )

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