Who's Flying What

Very Unofficial and Incomplete Listing of US Tail IDs

Note: This a listing of US sailplane tail IDs, NOT a listing of all US-based sailplanes
Note: The gliders listed are generally all of the gliders that have flown with this ID and pilot, over the years.

Compiled from contest results and pilot contributions, so the pilot named may not necessarily be the SSA official designee for the ID.   In fact, there are many duplications as contest IDs tend to stay on ships after their sale or ships are loaned, and this doesn't present a problem in local usage.   The official SSA listing of registered contest numbers is available.   In order to use a contest ID in an SSA sanctioned contest, the SSA Contest ID Assignment Process Rules should be adhered to.   Many of the 1-26 identifications are courtesy of the 1-26 Association listing.

Where we have been informed that the usage has been registered with the SSA, this is indicated by the symbol ®.

Please send along your additions and corrections.

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having flown a sanctionned contest in the N most recent years.]

IDNameMost Recent YearState/CountryGlider
002®Mampe, H.M., Ferguson, C.D., and Nixon, H.W.SGS-1-26
003®William D. Nordstrom and Anne D. BatesoleSGS-1-26
004®Sublett, Michael F.SGS-1-26
006®Rowswell, Alfred R.SGS-1-26
007®Breidenthal, Robert E.SGS-1-26
008®Johnson, Gustav M.SGS-1-26
008Johnson, Gustav2018NJSGS-1-26
008Johnson, Guy M.2007TXSGS-1-26
008Leal, Jonathan2018PASGS-1-26
009®Piercy, Ronald S.SGS-1-26
009Powell, George W.2006CASGS-1-26
009Westbrook, Michael S.2002NYSGS-1-26
009Westbrook, Micky2002TXSGS-1-26
010®Hoovler, Clements Jay Jr.SGS-1-26
012®Hafer, Mark T.SGS-1-26
014®Leal, Paul J.SGS-1-26
014Leal, Jonathan2010PASGS-1-26
015®Stogner, Michael E.SGS-1-26
016Ebaugh, Bret2015MNSGS-1-26
017®Freeland, Chris G.SGS-1-26
018®Bailis, David P.SGS-1-26
019®Lessard, George M.SGS-1-26
020®Bradley, David F.SGS-1-26
021®Morrow, Daniel C.SGS-1-26
021Beckwith, Ted Jr.2007TNSGS-1-26
021Haskell, Charles T. Jr2021SGS-1-26
022®Harrison, Wayne R.SGS-1-26
024®Dickson, GarrySGS-1-26
026®Kecskes, Stephen A.SGS-1-26
028®Kellum, Mark J.SGS-1-26
029®Powell, George W.SGS-1-26
030®Kennard, James B.SGS-1-26
031®Hamm, Eugene O.SGS-1-26
032®Dingess, James D.SGS-1-26
034®Davenport, Robert G.SGS-1-26
035®Craig Smith and Ted MussmanSGS-1-26
036®Farms, PrichardSGS-1-26
037®Cirri, Joseph A.SGS-1-26
038®Hamilton, CharlesSGS-1-26
038Cant, Ian2009CASGS-1-26
038Cook, Charles T.2016NCSGS-1-26
038Murphy, Jay P.2016AZSGS-1-26
039®Daye, Jeff2021NCSGS-1-26
039Cook, Charles T.2021NCSGS-1-26
041®Walker, Carol L.SGS-1-26
042®Levy, Douglas R.SGS-1-26
044®Wynne, William E. Jr.SGS-1-26
045®Willard D. Van Wormer and Charlotte A. Van WormerSGS-1-26
050®Lane M. Whiting and Stephen D. DeckerSGS-1-26
051®Hoover, James B.SGS-1-26
052®Weber, Bruce A.SGS-1-26
053®Palmquist, Neal D.2021TXSGS-1-26
054®Mahon, James H.SGS-1-26
057®Louis A. Tax and Carl W Musgrove, Jr.SGS-1-26
057Pendharkar, Akshay2021SGS-1-26
057Tax, Cal W.2021GASGS-1-26
061®Melvin E. Neidert and Darla D. NeidertSGS-1-26
063®Davis, Robert L.2007TNSGS-1-26
064®Moreland, James R.SGS-1-26
066®Harry, Thomas C.SGS-1-26
067®Morris, Livingston B.SGS-1-26
069®Lyon, Richard K. Lyon, Andrew M. Lyon, and Erik W. H.SGS-1-26
071®Ulloa, JoseSGS-1-26
074®Pier, Martin S.SGS-1-26
077®Inslee, James D.SGS-1-26
078®Finger Lakes Soaring ClubSGS-1-26
080®Hays, James B.SGS-1-26
081®Dungan, Gregory DavidSGS-1-26
082®Agostini, Joseph L.SGS-1-26
083®Behrens, Sarah A.SGS-1-26
084®Kurt J. Strong and Charles K. StrongSGS-1-26
085®Swanson, Thomas G.SGS-1-26
086®Badeau, David C.SGS-1-26
087®Museum, Wings Over MiamiSGS-1-26
088®Slezak, Douglas C.SGS-1-26
089®Midwestern Soaring AssociationSGS-1-26
091®Atkins, L. MarkSGS-1-26
091Miller, Norm2008TXSGS-1-26
092®Mississippi State University Soaring ClubSGS-1-26
094®Prescott Soaring AssocSGS-1-26
097®Williams, Catherine A.2010PASGS-1-26
097Donahoo, Melvin2012MDSGS-1-26
097Graves, R. Steven2007TXSGS-1-26
097Steadman, Fred Jr.2004TXSGS-1-26
097Williams, Henry S.2012MDSGS-1-26
097Willis, John M.2010TXSGS-1-26
099®Capitini, James J.SGS-1-26
101®Daryl A. Rojko and Rhonda L. RivaSGS-1-26
102®Wilson R. Dayton and James M. LowrySGS-1-26
105®Stogner, Michael E.SGS-1-26
107®Walker, William HamiltonSGS-1-26
108®Poole, William L. Jr.SGS-1-26
109®Summers, Charles M.SGS-1-26
111®Schmid, Suzanne L.SGS-1-26
112®Briggs, Robert M.SGS-1-26
113®Havener, Michael D.SGS-1-26
116®Frank C. Sanders and Tyler G. SandersSGS-1-26
118®North Penn. Sqdn. Soaring Assoc.SGS-1-26
119®Miller, Bruce A.SGS-1-26
120®Cassens, Kenwood C.SGS-1-26
123®Sedillo, George T.SGS-1-26
125®Canvasback SoaringSGS-1-26
125Johansen, Erling W.2006NJSGS-1-26
125Leal, Jonathan2004PASGS-1-26
128®Poole, William L. Jr.SGS-1-26
130®Alpha WhiskeySGS-1-26
133®Edelstein, Thomas B.SGS-1-26
135®Donald J. Renfro and Donna M. RenfroSGS-1-26
139®Rucker, William C.SGS-1-26
142®Slocum, James E.2013TNSGS-1-26
142Countess, Clem2002COSGS-1-26
142Matticola, Mark F.2002SGS-1-26
144Baldwin, Harry L.2009CASGS-1-26
144Blomquist, Delbert N.2009CASGS-1-26
147®Jerry A. Lane and Jennifer L. LaneSGS-1-26
152®Shreveport Soaring ClubSGS-1-26
153®Charles T. Conrad and Craig M CookSGS-1-26
153Conrad, Craig M.2010NCSGS-1-26
153Cook, Charles T.2017NCSGS-1-26
154®Ko, Nam H.SGS-1-26
157®Ford, Kevin2008ILSGS-1-26
157Galbraith, Judith2021SGS-1-26
160®Ekman, Kenneth P.2010SCSGS-1-26
162®George R. Kemner and Patti B. KemnerSGS-1-26
166®Steen, Jack E.SGS-1-26
173®Tampa Bay Soaring SocietySGS-1-26
173Sutton, Ronald T.2007FLSGS-1-26
176®Steinmann, John L.SGS-1-26
178®Kimbrel, Mark D.SGS-1-26
179®Moreland, James R.SGS-1-26
180®Abel, William F.SGS-1-26
181®Bermuda High Soaring SchoolSGS-1-26
182®Farra, Ralph B.2017TXSGS-1-26
182Tax, Cal W.2009GASGS-1-26
184®Wilkinson, Ephriam B.SGS-1-26
185®Bermuda High Soaring SchoolSGS-1-26
185Reid, R. Franklin2002SCSGS-1-26
186®Pigeon, Kenneth J.SGS-1-26
187®Gregory, Joseph P.SGS-1-26
189®Mott, Richard C.2007MDSGS-1-26
190®Hurni, Robert L.2019AZSGS-1-26
191®Whiting, Stephen D.SGS-1-26
192®Dierker, RobertSGS-1-26
192Anderson, Kevin R.2013TNSGS-1-26
192Arnold, Sarah Kelly2007TNSGS-1-26
192Dismukes, Robert K.2010CASGS-1-26
193®Christopher P. Hodges and Dehong HodgesSGS-1-26
194®US Southwest Soaring MuseumSGS-1-26
196®Shaw, Charles W.2006NMSGS-1-26
198®Wilkinson, Ephriam B.SGS-1-26
201®Sodamann, Paul E.SGS-1-26
204Farry, Kristin2017MDSGS-1-26
205®Bradley, DavidSGS-1-26
207®Baldwin, Harry L.2013CASGS-1-26
208®Harrison, Wayne R.SGS-1-26
209®Dickson, Garry A.SGS-1-26
210®Hartenstine, Michael C.SGS-1-26
211®Niagara Soaring ClubNYSGS-1-26
212®Rainbow Flying ServiceSGS-1-26
213®Rodney L. Gehrlein and Jay L GehrleinSGS-1-26
214®DeNaples, Patrick2004OHSGS-1-26
214De Naples, John P.2004NCSGS-1-26
215®Texas Soaring AssociationSGS-1-26
215Barr, John2012TXSGS-1-26
215Root, Leonard2012TXSGS-1-26
216®Lewis, Curtis L. Jr.2021ILSGS-1-26
217®Renshaw, Kevin2017TXSGS-1-26
219®Marshall Soaring ClubSGS-1-26
220®Lenox Flying School Glider DivSGS-1-26
221®Mayfield, Dennis K.SGS-1-26
222®Nick, Kevin E.SGS-1-26
223®Harrison, Wayne R.SGS-1-26
225®Pontius, David R.SGS-1-26
225Nezgoda, Daniel2021FLSGS-1-26
226®North Texas SoaringSGS-1-26
228®Johnson, MarcSGS-1-26
229®Stewarts, Aircraft ServiceSGS-1-26
232®Smith, Jeffrey J.SGS-1-26
233®Dahlgren, Stephen A.SGS-1-26
233Michalik, Stephen A.2005OKSGS-1-26
234®Almquist, Ronald K.SGS-1-26
234Almquist, Ronald R.2007NJSGS-1-26
234Beckman, James E.2007NJSGS-1-26
235®Burner, William L.SGS-1-26
236®Hobbs Soaring SocietySGS-1-26
238®Vickland, Clayton W.2018VASGS-1-26
242®Statkus, Stephen P.2021OHSGS-1-26
242Eckels, Richard E.2018OHSGS-1-26
242Hegele, Rolf D.2018OHSGS-1-26
242Lohre, Charles R.2021OHSGS-1-26
243®Layton, Stephen D.SGS-1-26
246®Daye, Jeffrey E.SGS-1-26
247®Talley, Joseph D.SGS-1-26
248®Woodward, Jeffery S.SGS-1-26
249®Walker, Joy S.SGS-1-26
251®Wave Soaring AdventuresSGS-1-26
252®Newman, Judith M.SGS-1-26
254®Shenton, Richard J.SGS-1-26
257®West, David E.SGS-1-26
259®Wilkinson, Ephriam B.SGS-1-26
260®Barry, Stephen A.SGS-1-26
262®Honolulu Soaring ClubSGS-1-26
263®Root, Robert E. Jr.SGS-1-26
264®Barkow, Thomas A.2021TXSGS-1-26
264Palmquist, Neal D.2012TXSGS-1-26
265®Harmon, RexSGS-1-26
266®Iroquois Soaring AssociationSGS-1-26
267®Vihlen, Steven C.2018TNSGS-1-26
270®Gries, Charles J.SGS-1-26
271®Hard, James E.SGS-1-26
272®Fueston, Vernon A.2015CASGS-1-26
273®Schultz, Todd H.SGS-1-26
274®Eagle Sport Aviation ClubSGS-1-26
275®Wilkinson, Ephriam B.SGS-1-26
277®Robin E. Carlson and Margaret J McDanielSGS-1-26
281®One Twenty SixSGS-1-26
282®Rea, Marita J. Umphlette and C. B. Jr.SGS-1-26
284®North, Texas SoaringSGS-1-26
285®Ledford, George DavidSGS-1-26
286®Forest South Aviation Group ParkSGS-1-26
289®Collier, James D.SGS-1-26
292®Fuller, Paul H.SGS-1-26
293®Statkus, Stephen P.SGS-1-26
294®Massey Air MuseumSGS-1-26
295®Niagara Soaring ClubNYSGS-1-26
296®Adkins, Dwain L.SGS-1-26
297®Sandra N. Hardy and Wayne D. HardySGS-1-26
298®Redinbaugh, Kurt L.SGS-1-26
299®Buckley, Francis J.SGS-1-26
300®Robison, Lewis M.SGS-1-26
302®Dart, Gregory G.SGS-1-26
302Ballou, Gregg2019MASGS-1-26
303®Doll, John M.SGS-1-26
304®Ptacek, Stephen R.SGS-1-26
305®Wille, Chad C.SGS-1-26
306®Daves AircraftSGS-1-26
307®Frick, Joseph F.SGS-1-26
308®Davies, Michael D.SGS-1-26
308Sazhin, Daniel2018NYSGS-1-26
309®PK FlyerSGS-1-26
310®Keller, Michael J.SGS-1-26
311®Johnson, Richard W.SGS-1-26
312®Harrison, Wayne R.SGS-1-26
313®Bryan, Dan J.2008NMSGS-1-26
314®Steven J. Short and Robert L. HardSGS-1-26
315®Beltzville Soaring ClubSGS-1-26
316®Ernst, Daniel D.2018VASGS-1-26
317®James A. Zapata, Sarah Kish, and Robert J. ZapataSGS-1-26
318®Hernandez, Jorge L.SGS-1-26
319®Wing Soaring MinnesotaSGS-1-26
320®Feher, Mary R.SGS-1-26
321®George, S. MooreSGS-1-26
322®Miller, PeterSGS-1-26
322DeNaples, Patrick2002OHSGS-1-26
322Root, Robert E.2002OHSGS-1-26
323®Riley, Thomas V.SGS-1-26
326®Richard M. Stoeckel and David M. ParkerSGS-1-26
328®Duncan, Stanley W.SGS-1-26
329®McKnight, Thomas N.SGS-1-26
329Bird, Brian A.2021KSSGS-1-26
329Rezac, Lauren J.2021KSSGS-1-26
331®Weed, Gordon M.SGS-1-26
333®Johnston, Felix E.SGS-1-26
334®Keefer, John WilliamSGS-1-26
335®Murray, James P.SGS-1-26
337®Jay L. Gehrlein, Rodney L Gehrlein, and Rory J GehrleinSGS-1-26
338®Everglades Soaring ClubSGS-1-26
341®Waszak, Arthur B.SGS-1-26
343®Woolery, Paul R.SGS-1-26
345®Abel, William F.SGS-1-26
347®Odonnell, Daniel V.SGS-1-26
348®South Side Soaring ClubSGS-1-26
349®Kelley J. Blumer and Craig M. FarrarSGS-1-26
350®Walker, John P.SGS-1-26
353®Miller, Robert L. IIISGS-1-26
356®Field, Drew H.SGS-1-26
357Walker, James R.2005COSGS-1-26
358®Hudson, Mitchell C.2002OKSGS-1-26
358Coughlin, Colten G.2021SGS-1-26
360®Cumberland Soaring GroupSGS-1-26
361®Three Six OneSGS-1-26
363®Bickers, Donald S.SGS-1-26
364®Ward, John P.SGS-1-26
365®Judith M. Deem and Joseph M. NewmanSGS-1-26
366®Walker, Wayne M.2013CASGS-1-26
366Knoll, William C.2013CASGS-1-26
367®Worrell, Kurt V.SGS-1-26
368®Deener, Larry C.SGS-1-26
370®Buergel, Sandra J.SGS-1-26
371®Reynolds, Richard L.SGS-1-26
372®Remel R. Cooper and Linda M. CooperSGS-1-26
373®Harrison, Wayne R.SGS-1-26
379®Maxon, Stuart B.SGS-1-26
380®Sugarbush Soaring AssociationSGS-1-26
381®St Louis Soaring AssociationSGS-1-26
382®Armstrong, James R.SGS-1-26
383®Susan B. Crawford, Edwin C. Jones, and Clark L. CrawfordSGS-1-26
384®Kramer, Dean E.SGS-1-26
386®Stoner, Robert A.SGS-1-26
387®Harry, Thomas C.SGS-1-26
389®Weber, Bruce A.SGS-1-26
390®Abercrombie, Milton B.SGS-1-26
390Hutchinson, Vernon Ray2009CASGS-1-26
391®Lake Elsinore Soaring ClubSGS-1-26
392®Williams, Catherine A.2021PASGS-1-26
393®Moreland, James R.SGS-1-26
396®Fenger, J. ChristianSGS-1-26
397®Bourbeau, GabeSGS-1-26
397Bourbeau, Elaine M.2007CTSGS-1-26
397Miller, Norm2007TXSGS-1-26
398®Aero Soaring ClubSGS-1-26
398Williams, Lawrence2018SGS-1-26
399®Horton, David R.SGS-1-26
400Farry, Kristin2021MDSGS-1-26
401®Wilkinson, E. B.SGS-1-26
401Slocum, James E.2021TNSGS-1-26
402®M. Sue Woody and David I. McNaySGS-1-26
403®Lord, George R.SGS-1-26
403Hoxie, Hal2002COSGS-1-26
403Rothe, Chris A.2002COSGS-1-26
404®Harrison, Wayne R.SGS-1-26
406®Rector, Edward L.SGS-1-26
407®Weber, Bruce A.SGS-1-26
408®Behrens, Paul L.SGS-1-26
409®Red Wing Soaring ClubSGS-1-26
410®Harris, Varian C.SGS-1-26
412®Las Vegas Valley Soaring AssocSGS-1-26
412Powell, George W.2002CASGS-1-26
412Zapata, James2002SGS-1-26
413®Shenandoah Valley SoaringSGS-1-26
413Vickland, Clayton W.2005VASGS-1-26
414®Wallin, John F.SGS-1-26
416®Dittman, William H.SGS-1-26
417®Hodge, Ronald R.SGS-1-26
418®Jamie D. Putegnat, Barry B Settle, and Richard J WhittemoreSGS-1-26
421®Leahy, Kevin M.SGS-1-26
422®Francis Vickery and James F. BerryhillSGS-1-26
423®Krey, John F.SGS-1-26
425®Couch, John A.SGS-1-26
427®Eaton, Robert R.SGS-1-26
428®Schwartz, Ronald Roy2017NJSGS-1-26
428Sazhin, Daniel2015NYSGS-1-26
430®Mauldin, Bruce P.SGS-1-26
430Bauer, Mitchel2008TXSGS-1-26
430Fairbain, Jacob2017SGS-1-26
430Fairbairn, Alan2017SGS-1-26
432®John E. Wrona and Vicki A. WronaSGS-1-26
432Wrona, John E.2008TXSGS-1-26
433®Orr, Roger E.SGS-1-26
434®K & L SoaringSGS-1-26
436®Heaverlin, Henry L.SGS-1-26
438®North Florida Soaring SocietySGS-1-26
438Szymak, Marek W.2021SGS-1-26
439®Memphis Soaring SocietySGS-1-26
440®Mcguire, Mickey R.SGS-1-26
440Quas, Robert M. Jr.2009ILSGS-1-26
441®Scrap MetalSGS-1-26
442®Talley, MichaelSGS-1-26
443®Dorman, Richard E.SGS-1-26
445®Tinnes, DannySGS-1-26
446®Windsor, Nicholas T.SGS-1-26
447®High Flights Soaring ClubSGS-1-26
448®Kavanaugh, Richard S.SGS-1-26
450®Walter, JoeSGS-1-26
451®Willamette Valley Soaring ClubSGS-1-26
452®Person, John C.SGS-1-26
453®Karno, Robert E.SGS-1-26
454®Hurni, Robert L.SGS-1-26
455®Robinson, David L.SGS-1-26
456®Krey, John F.SGS-1-26
457®Harrison, Wayne R.SGS-1-26
458®Russell, Larry B.SGS-1-26
459®Texas Soaring AssociationSGS-1-26
459Barr, John2008TXSGS-1-26
459Bauer, Mitchel2005TXSGS-1-26
459Cepak, Bryan2005TXSGS-1-26
459Elliott, Jason2017SGS-1-26
459Graves, Michael T.2008TXSGS-1-26
460Daye, Jeff2016NCSGS-1-26
464®Pontchartrain Soaring ClubSGS-1-26
465®Tidewater Soaring SocietySGS-1-26
466®Robison, Lewis M.SGS-1-26
468®Wisniewski, GeorgeSGS-1-26
469®Horton, David R.SGS-1-26
469Graves, R. Steven2004TXSGS-1-26
470®Gray, Robert L.SGS-1-26
470Bentley, William2006COSGS-1-26
472®Rixford, Emmet A.SGS-1-26
474®Coutches, Robert H.SGS-1-26
475®Kenneth J. Burnham and Arlene E. BurnhamSGS-1-26
477®Rice, Johnny D.SGS-1-26
478®Soaring Club 29SGS-1-26
479®Ryan, Christopher J.SGS-1-26
480®Woolf, Leslie F.SGS-1-26
480Angelou, James R.2010NJSGS-1-26
480DeNaples, Patrick2007OHSGS-1-26
480Schwartz, Ronald Roy2013NJSGS-1-26
480Seifried, Paul2010NJSGS-1-26
481®Jay L. Gehrlein and Rodney L GehrleinSGS-1-26
482®Wilkinson, Ephriam B.2018TNSGS-1-26
482Johnson, Gustav2019NJSGS-1-26
482Leal, Jonathan2019PASGS-1-26
482Wilcox, Kevin2013TNSGS-1-26
483®Judith M. Vredenburg and Peter E VredenburgSGS-1-26
483Vredenburg, Peter2019NMSGS-1-26
484®Cyr, Ronald L.SGS-1-26
487®Binder, Amy S.SGS-1-26
500®Shear, Michael L.SGS-1-26
501®Brandywine Soaring AssociationSGS-1-26
502®Sylvania Soaring AdventuresSGS-1-26
504®Docherty, Dennis G.SGS-1-26
505®Gomez, Martin L.SGS-1-26
507®K & L SoaringSGS-1-26
508®Aero Club AlbatrossSGS-1-26
510®Hoover, James B.SGS-1-26
514®Sky SailingSGS-1-26
515®Lewis Moffat and Helen R. GluckSGS-1-26
516®Dianne Nixon, Charles Kasmarek, and Bruce E BlackSGS-1-26
517Seisser, Nicholas2002SGS-1-26
517Steenman, Matthew2002SGS-1-26
518®Craig D. Loomiller and Charlotte A. LoomillerSGS-1-26
518Loomiller, Craig2008OKSGS-1-26
519®Fault Line FlyersSGS-1-26
521®Ring, Susan E.SGS-1-26
522®Schweizer, Leslie E.SGS-1-26
523®Nicholson, Larry C.SGS-1-26
524®Cullwell, Edwin A.SGS-1-26
525®Marye Anne Spielman and Robert W. ReadSGS-1-26
525Spielman, Robert2015NVSGS-1-26
525Tax, Cal W.2015GASGS-1-26
527®Barnard, Harry R.SGS-1-26
528®Weber, Phillip A.SGS-1-26
528Johnson, Gustav2021NJSGS-1-26
528Leal, Jonathan2021PASGS-1-26
529®New England Soaring AssociationSGS-1-26
533®Blake, Diane C.SGS-1-26
534®Valley Soaring ClubSGS-1-26
535®Central California Soaring ClubSGS-1-26
540®Valley Soaring Club AntelopeSGS-1-26
540Kilbourne, Kenneth Paul2009CASGS-1-26
542®Black Forest Soaring SocietySGS-1-26
542Schmelzer, Oliver2002COSGS-1-26
543®Rogers, Wayne D.2007GASGS-1-26
543Agnew, Alfred2021SGS-1-26
544®Central Ohio Soaring AssociationSGS-1-26
545®Ward, Timothy J.2002CASGS-1-26
547®Kelly, Roger J.SGS-1-26
548®Zero Eight OneSGS-1-26
549®Carstarphen, John R.SGS-1-26
552®Shortridge, Randall R.SGS-1-26
553®William Lyddon and Steven LyddonSGS-1-26
553Boudreaux, Joshua2002SGS-1-26
553Riley, Ryan2002SGS-1-26
554®Nutmeg Soaring AssociationSGS-1-26
555®Robert Struck and Larry SpielmanSGS-1-26
555Phillips, Taylor2015NVSGS-1-26
557®Long Island Soaring Assn.SGS-1-26
558®Becker, Stephen A.SGS-1-26
559®McMullen, Thomas W.2006CASGS-1-26
559Cant, Ian2006CASGS-1-26
560®Michael Pohlig and Nancy Lee PohligSGS-1-26
561®Robertson, John T.SGS-1-26
562®Oklahoma Soaring AssociationSGS-1-26
563®Aero Club AlbatrossSGS-1-26
563Fisher, Glenn2012GASGS-1-26
563Sazhin, Daniel2013NYSGS-1-26
564®Arnold, Jason A.SGS-1-26
565®Bolding, George A.SGS-1-26
566®Illini Glider ClubSGS-1-26
567®Morari, John E.SGS-1-26
569®Kevin M. Galway and James B. ConklinSGS-1-26
573®Sutherland, Charles T. Jr.SGS-1-26
573Rehm, Paul S.2007VASGS-1-26
574®Wilkinson, Ephriam B.2019TNSGS-1-26
574Holmes, David2004LASGS-1-26
574Perry, Jim2004TXSGS-1-26
574Tax, Cal W.2019GASGS-1-26
575®Milton H. Moos and Joan W. MoosSGS-1-26
575Moos, Milton H.2019OHSGS-1-26
576®Sky SailingSGS-1-26
578®Milton H. Moos and Joan W. MoosSGS-1-26
578Moos, Milton H.2013OHSGS-1-26
580®Timothy C. Sergent and Lisa C. JamesSGS-1-26
581®Fun Country SoaringSGS-1-26
583®Stahl, Roy E.SGS-1-26
586®Herren, Robert H.SGS-1-26
587®Webster, William J.SGS-1-26
588®Glider Club SilvercreekSGS-1-26
591®California Soaring Assoc NorthernSGS-1-26
594®Scott T. Imlay and Kelli A. ImlaySGS-1-26
595®Scott G. Bradford and David TaylorSGS-1-26
596®Oliver, Thomas M.SGS-1-26
597®Flying M ServicesSGS-1-26
598®Clifford A. McvaySGS-1-26
599®Langasek, AloisSGS-1-26
601®Harrison, Wayne R.SGS-1-26
603®Bay BuzzardsSGS-1-26
604®Bermuda High Soaring SchoolSGS-1-26
604Reid, Jayne E.2002SCSGS-1-26
605®Winston, Roderick D.SGS-1-26
606®Cynthia L. Woll, Frederick P. Morzillo, and James L. BensonSGS-1-26
607®Brown, Mark I.SGS-1-26
608®St Louis Soaring AssociationSGS-1-26
609®Jousma, Irwin J.2019MISGS-1-26
610®Mottinger, Thomas A.SGS-1-26
611®Brown, Leonard W.SGS-1-26
612®Barnard, Harry R.SGS-1-26
613®Cobb, Lane P.SGS-1-26
614®Ellingson, Leslie B.SGS-1-26
615®Stahl, Lawrence E.SGS-1-26
616®Harris Hill Soaring CorpSGS-1-26
617®Behuniak, George N.SGS-1-26
620®Poole, William L. Jr.SGS-1-26
622®Girdler, Ray Jr.SGS-1-26
625®Hines, Dean C.SGS-1-26
626®Sheble Aviation & Flight SchoolSGS-1-26
628®Wurtsboro Airport FoundationSGS-1-26
629®Northwest Soaring Club of FrankfortSGS-1-26
631®Stahl, Lawrence E.SGS-1-26
632®Johnson, Theodore Otto Jr.SGS-1-26
633®Mize, Darrell C.SGS-1-26
634®Louis J. Braddi and Joyce J. BraddiSGS-1-26
634Grace, Lance2021NMSGS-1-26
634Perkins, Trever2021SGS-1-26
635®Sylvania Soaring AdventuresSGS-1-26
637®Greater Boston Soaring ClubSGS-1-26
641®Jamieson, Andrew O.SGS-1-26
641Fredrickson, Sherman E.2002OKSGS-1-26
641Sartori, Matthew2002SGS-1-26
641Strouse, Tim2002SGS-1-26
642®Curry, Douglas OnealSGS-1-26
644®Loye L. Hilton and Frances M HiltonSGS-1-26
645®Albuquerque Soaring ClubSGS-1-26
645Farry, Kristin2016MDSGS-1-26
647®Corpen, FoxSGS-1-26
648®Cleveland Soaring SocietySGS-1-26
649®Benz AviationSGS-1-26
651®Low Country Soaring AssociationSGS-1-26
655®Merlin Soaring AssociationSGS-1-26
656®Newton, Michael A.SGS-1-26
658®Central Alabama Soaring AssociationSGS-1-26
660®Rose City Soaring AssociationSGS-1-26
661®Greater Houston Soaring AssociationSGS-1-26
662®James R. Marcols and Ronald C. AngelouSGS-1-26
663®Caprock Soaring ClubSGS-1-26
664®Hawk Valley SoaringSGS-1-26
666®Hunter, Robert L.SGS-1-26
668®Das AirSGS-1-26
669®Ltd, Cloudbase AssetsSGS-1-26
670®Fleischman, Don U.SGS-1-26
671®Bjork, RichardSGS-1-26
672®Sky SoaringSGS-1-26
673®Alexander, Paul B.SGS-1-26
675®Moreland, James R.SGS-1-26
676®Patterson, RobertSGS-1-26
677®West, David E.SGS-1-26
678®Harris Hill Soaring CorporationSGS-1-26
680®Wings of Eagles Discovery CenterSGS-1-26
680Angelou, James R.2018NJSGS-1-26
680Hurni, Robert L.2021AZSGS-1-26
680Schwartz, Ronald Roy2021NJSGS-1-26
682®Keyuravong, PisonthSGS-1-26
683®Whiteside, Samuel L.SGS-1-26
686Grellet-Aumont, Pierre-Alban2021SGS-1-26
686du Plessis, Philip2018SGS-1-26
687®Big Bend SoaringSGS-1-26
690®Sky SailingSGS-1-26
691®Washburn, Peter J.SGS-1-26
692®Kavanaugh, Richard S.SGS-1-26
692Beer, Steve2019SGS-1-26
692du Plessis, Philip2019SGS-1-26
693®Arizona SoaringSGS-1-26
694®Beltzville Soaring ClubSGS-1-26
695®King, Bruce D.SGS-1-26
697®Moos, Milton H.SGS-1-26
698®Mize, Darrell C.SGS-1-26
699®K & L SoaringSGS-1-26
700®National Soaring MuseumSGS-1-26
0 Carris, Ralph M.2012NMMini-Nimbus
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01 Goddard, J. L.2005TXLS-3
01 Goddard, Larry D.2008GALS-3, Ventus
011®Bogdanovich, Pedja2016COVentus
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02J®Davis, Evelyn E.
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08 Byrne, Ronald2005MSBlanik-L23
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09 Henderlong, Keith2005Blanik-L23
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McMaster, Leonard R.2019NYASW-27, Duo Discus
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Stevenson, Linwood P.
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6P®Northern Calif Soaring Assn
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Buman, Donald A.
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Chicago Glider Club
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Klunk, Lewis J.
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von Berckefeldt, Richard
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JLHHerron, Matt Allison2007CAVentus
JM®Miceli, James M.
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JO®Luebke, Ralph C.
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JS®Staniforth, James
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JS3Essex, Keith M.2019AKJS-3
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JU®Martin, Jan
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Condon, Tony2021KSStd Cirrus
K LaGassa, Curtis M.2003OHSlingsby T-59 Kestrel
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O1®Omaha Soaring Club
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OpenSimmons, Al2021MarathonP
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Simmons, Al2021MarathonArcus
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QL®Texas Soaring Association
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Retting, Henry P.2019FLDiscus, Ventus
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VJ®Bay Area Soaring Associates
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Saxon, Erik
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