Flight Recordings of Contests

The individual flight recorder files are "zipped" to compress them for downloading.   If your browser is not configured to automatically "unzip" them upon receipt, you will have to do so with one of the many programs available; e.g. PKzip or WinZip.   Some browsers may give the files a random name upon downloading, but they should have the correct names after they are "unzipped".   A detailed recipe for downloading and unzipping is available.


These data are made available thanks to the contributions of Paul Armstrong, Bill Bartell, Terry Bingham, Arne Boye-Møller, Cindy Brickner, Luis Briones, Guy Byars, Ron Clarke, Bob and Jo Ann Dittert, Andy Durbin, Günther Eichhorn, Bill Elliott, Dirk Elber, Osvaldo M. Ferraro, Sam Fly, Chip Garner, John Godfrey, John Good, Rick Green, Eric Greenwell, J.M. Hatchell, Elden Hinkle, Gary Kemp, Tony Lauck, Casey Lenox, Russ McAnerney, Mark Maughmer, Mark Maughmer II, Fred Mueller, Stephen Northcraft, Jim Payne, Philippe de Pechy. Tom Pressley, Alan Reeter, Bill Ruehle, John Seaborn, Tom Serkowski, Tony Smolder, and Garrett Willatt. Thanks!!!

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Hosted by Dr. Günther Eichhorn (Pictures from New Zealand)