Flight Recordings of Contests:
2003 World Gliding Championship - Standard Class [ Leszno, Poland ]
29 July, 2003 [ Contest Day 2 ]

Flight Recordings of Contests:
2003 World Gliding Championship - Standard Class
Leszno, Poland ]
Tuesday, 29 July, 2003 [ Contest Day 2 ]

These data are made available thanks to the WGC 2003 team

All of the individual flight recorder files for a pilot for the day are "zipped" together to compress them and to enable their downloading as a single file.   If your browser is not configured to automatically "unzip" them upon downloading, you will have to do so with one of the many programs available; e.g. PKzip or WinZip.   Some browsers may give the files a random name upon downloading, but they should have the correct names after they are "unzipped".   The individual zipped files are typically 50 to 100 Kb.   A detailed recipe for downloading and unzipping is available.
1Z  David Pretorius
2   Ben Flewett
205 Mike Young
22  Adnan Mirza
3A  Costa Corrado
3Y  Herbert Weiss
80  Andrew Davis
8C  Marcel Duenner
8Z  Peter Szabo
A5  Laurent Aboulin
AB  Arne Boye-Moller
AGI Vladas Motuza
AK  Mario Kiessling
B   Rien Bastiaanse
BS  Tomas Rendla
C64 Paul Crabb
C65 Stephen Crabb
CA  Manu Litt
CG  James (Chip) Garner
D2  Dale Kramer
DL  Darius Liaugaudas
DS  Paul Wijsman
EF  Olivier Darroze
EY  Sven Olivier
F2  Yves Jeanmotte
FX  Tibor Fratrik
GD  Thomas Gostner
HAL Laszlo Halasz
JB  Tomas Suchanek
JS  Kimmo Pulkki
KO  Manfred Hahn
LK2 Tero Koivunen
LOT Tomasz Rubaj
LZ  Luka Znidarsic
M   Makoto Ichikawa
MP  Mariusz Pozniak
PC  Peter Hartmann
PM  Andrej Kolar
PV  Tom Beltz
RO  Ronny Lindell
SE  Mogens Hoelgaard
X   Johan Stormats
Y1  Mircea Craciun
ZL  Heinz Hammerle

All of the files for the day 4.8 Mb  ]

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