Soaring and Motorgliding Magazine Index

All of this information has been entered by hand, and then entered by hand again.   So, there are - unfortunately - typos, duplications, errors in parsing, etc... that we are still trying to remove   The same name may appear many different ways in Soaring and this index endeavors to respect the original presentation of the name in the article but tries to group the various renditions of the same person's moniker in the listings by author.   The subjects may not always be right on the target, and may vary from year to year; we hope to redo them eventually.   The parsing for the searching can stand a lot of improvements, and it takes a while to go through the 18,000+ entries.   All of this is to say that this is a preliminary release, we'll be changing it in the near future, we hope, and we need your suggestions as well as help.

Here is a nice disclaimer that I came across, and which certainly applies here: All information contained in any of these files is provided without guarantee as to its completeness or correctness. Any conclusions drawn from this information are the sole responsibility of the user. Caveats aside, we hope that this collection will facilitate your soaring, the utility of Soaring Magazine, and your appreciation of the history and people in the soaring community over the last 70 some years.  

If you are looking for back issues, you may want to check with the National Soaring Museum.

We warmly invite you to send along any suggestions and corrections..

These data are made available courtesy of the very major contributions of Jean Doty, Bertha M. Ryan, Kathleen K. Taylor, and others - many thanks!!!