Worldwide Soaring Turnpoint Exchange
Unofficial Clermont, Florida [ Seminole Lake: Soaring Grand Prix, 2018 ] Control Points

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Contest: Grand Prix, 2018

Courtesy of John Godfrey (QT)
Dated: 06 March 2017
Magnetic Variation: 5.3W, Datum: WGS-84
Time zone: US/Eastern, Summer offset from GMT is -4:00 and in Winter it is -5:00.

Information about the SGP is available at

The primary specification of the waypoint coordinates is degrees and decimal minutes

Names of waypoints with runway width less than 60 feet have a "z" before them to indicate CAUTION, and comments include the runway width.
See also the separate Seniors control points
Version 2017b, Ilec files version 2017d, Airspace files version 2018 (same as 2018 Seniors).


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