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The comments fields, as provided by different users, can exist in different formats. Control point location and line of sight may appear as "Bridge>Rd Bend", to signify that the photo is taken overhead the bridge [ the control point ] in the direction of the bend in the road [ the photo target ], "from the bridge to the bend in the road". Control point location and line of sight may appear as "12>30", to signify that the photo is taken overhead the approach end of runway 12 [ the control point ] of the approach end of runway 30 [ the photo target ], "from 12 to 30". Control point heading [ direction of flight ] may appear as H>230

Where CAI formatted comments are not provided, they are generated from the communications frequency and the principal runway orientation/surface when the control point is on an airport, or for landing fields included for reference; e.g. 03/21 34T is an airfield with a runway oriented 03/21 which is 3400' long and whose surface is reported to be turf.

For US sites, "X" is placed before the comment, to indicate that the organizers have indicated that a bonus will be awarded for landing at airports or approved landing sites:

    "10.10.4 (k) Landing at a designated airfield - a pilot with an incomplete task who lands at a designated airfield receives a score bonus for such a landing.
    1. The landing must take place at a field designated by the CD as eligible for such a bonus.
    2. Eligible fields shall be designated prior to the start of the competition. Unless otherwise announced, all airfelds depicted on a current Sectional chart shall be considered eligible."

For sites with numbers specified for the control points, three flavors of the file are available:   the first is the same as for files without control point numbers, with just the name ( so it has the most space for the name, and it suitable for use with the Pocket-NAV which prepends the turnpoint number where appropriate ), the second with the number placed after the name ( so the waypoints appear sorted alphabetically in the GPS-NAV but have the numbers available in the GPS-NAV display; these files have names of the form NM_UVALD.DAT  ), and the third with the number placed before the name ( so the waypoints appear sorted by number in the GPS-NAV; these files have names of the form UVALD_NM.DAT ).   
The header line, which appears in the CAI GPS-NAV PC software's display of the files available, contains a "#" sign to suggest that the files names have the number present and it appears either before or after the site name to suggest that the number appears before or after the control point names, e.g. the header for uvalde.dat is
** ------------ Uvalde, TX               21Apr00 ------------

The header for nm_uvald.dat is
** ------------ # Uvalde, TX             21Apr00 ------------

The header for uvald_nm.dat is
** ------------ Uvalde, TX #             21Apr00 ------------

Pete Kelly has some suggestions on how to print a flight trace

CAI provides a recipe for downloading and storing waypoint files.


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