Worldwide Soaring Turnpoint Exchange

Files formatted for downloading and use with other software

Files are available here which are - hopefully - suitable for use with various flight computer, GPS, flight planning, and scoring programs. While it is thought that they are compatible with their target software, they have not all been verified. Beware!!

Windows® Internet Explorer® users note to download a file, right click on the icon, and then select the the third option "Save target as".

When you select a format, the file will be set up to be downloaded to your computer. Your WWW browser should offer you a default file name, which should be compatible with the target software, while allowing you the option of changing it. However, each method of downloading files appears to be different, so be careful to make sure that the file name is correct on your computer. Make sure that you save the file in the directory that your import software expects the file to be in, e.g. CAI\DATA for Cambridge files.

It has come to our attention that Internet Explorer 5® and Windows® do some funny things to filename extensions, and some suggestions are available

Where non-turnpoint airports have been appended to the turnpoint list, these entries are sorted alphabetically with the private use airports first, then military airports, then public use airports.

Note, that when data is updated, from year to year, I try to change the filename of the downloadable files to include the year, so that it should be readily obvious if you have the current version between e.g. hobbs00.dat versus hobbs98.dat.

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