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G7ToWin Format


G7ToWin is a Windows 9X/Windows NT 4.0/Win2K program, from Ron Henderson, designed to transfer data between Garmin or Lowrance/Eagle GPS units and a PC.   The program supports download (transfer from the GPS to the PC) of waypoints, tracklogs, routes, events (Lowrance/Eagle units only), and for those units which support it, downloading a copy of the current display as a Windows bitmap.   G7ToWin supports upload (transfer from the PC to the GPS)  all of the above except for the display, display bitmaps cannot be sent to the GPS. Waypoints, routes, events, and tracklogs can be edited by G7ToWin and stored to various file types.  Downloaded display bitmaps cannot be edited, however, they can  be rotated.  Display bitmaps may also be saved in a standard Windows .bmp file.

File Names

The file names have the form xxxx_g7w.wpt.



Courtesy of

Kirk Stant for pointing out the utility of the format, and working through its implementation.

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