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Gardown9® Format


Gardown® is a shareware PC program that will download and upload all the Waypoints Track, Routes and Proximity WP held in the Garmin®.

File Names

    The file names have the form xxxx_gdn.wpt. The normal version has 20 character names.   An alternate version with 15 character-upper case names, suitable for use with the 12XL, is also available with the file name xxxx_g15.wpt.

Mailing Address

Mike Montgomery
6 East Hanningfield RD
Rettendon Common




In addtion, the Gardown format is used by IGCview. IGCview is written in Java® and is capable of reading, analysing and scoring multiple IGC files. IGCview is able to compare multiple flights in much detail and it will also be a great learning tool for x-country and competition pilots. Program features: Automatic calculation of start/finish, avg. task and leg speeds, climbs, L/D 's, climb/cruise %, wind, "maggot racing", importing GARDOWN files and exporting them as IGC file, etc., etc.


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