Worldwide Soaring Turnpoint Exchange

Ilec SN-10 Format


For US sites, "bonus points" is included to indicate that the organizers have indicated that a bonus will be awarded for landing at airports or approved landing sites:

    "10.10.4 (k) Landing at a designated airfield - a pilot with an incomplete task who lands at a designated airfield receives a score bonus for such a landing.
    1. The landing must take place at a field designated by the CD as eligible for such a bonus.
    2. Eligible fields shall be designated prior to the start of the competition. Unless otherwise announced, all airfelds depicted on a current Sectional chart shall be considered eligible."


For sites with restricted airspace information, a second version with the specially formatted airspace information appended may also be available.   The filename is of the form XXXX_SUA.NDB

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