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"Memory-Map Navigator is a full-featured electronic navigation package that displays high quality scanned (raster) charts and topographic maps. It interfaces with a GPS to plot your position in real time, and you can use it to program the GPS with routes and waypoints, and to download a track log from the GPS. You can print full color, high-resolution charts with your waypoints, routes and tracks. Pocket PC support is included."

For the moment, the WSTX is making only the *.MXF import files available, which do not exploit all of the capabilities of this program. The symbols are coded as follows:

    Code  Meaning                      Symbol
     H    Home                         House
     T    Turnpoint                    Cross
     TA   Turnpoint at an Airport      Fuel Pump
     R    Restricted                   Flag
     S    Start                        Deer
     W    Warning                      Skull
     A    Airport                      Fish
     L    Landing Site                 Car
     F    Finish Line                  Camp
          otherwise                    Dot
Developed at the suggestion of, and with the help or, Rob Redbourne.

Mailing Address

Memory-Map, Inc.
7358 Wyers Point Road,
Ovid, NY 14521.

or in Europe

Memory-Map Europe
Unit 2 Comet House
Calleva Park


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