Worldwide Soaring Turnpoint Exchange

X-Country Planning and Analysing Software (XCPAS)


PC shareware is available at the URL given below for flight planning. The format is an extension of the Zander format, utilizing columns 45 and beyond. The identifiers are:
    WP = Waypoint
    AF = Air field only
    LF = Landing field
    WL = WP+LF
    WA = WP+AF
    HA = Home Airfield

Mailing Address

ir. K.P. Termaat
Eernewoudeweg 26
6835 JG Arnhem


+ 31 26 3272461
+ 31 26 3272462 [ Fax ]


GLIDPLAN.EXE, GLIDTASK.EXE, and FIELDS.EXE are available, as well as documentation and other soaring tools.

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