Worldwide Soaring Turnpoint Exchange

Zander SR940 Glider Computer and GP940 GPS/FDR


The entries are included alphabetically. The nine-character comment field provides a compression of the data base's comment or turnpoint description. If that is not available, for turnpoints associated with a landing field, or for landing fields included for reference, the frequency is included if available as well as the orientation of the principal runway and its condition; e.g. 103/2134T is an airfield with a runway oriented 03/21 which is 3400' long and whose surface is reported to be turf. At the option of the providers of the data for a site, the turnpoint number may be appended to the end of the waypoint name, and the name may be replaced with an identifying abbreviation where that has been established [ e.g. St. Auban ].

A "*" in the first column of the comment indicates that the code for the waypoint is not H, A, L, h, T, t, S, F, or z; i.e. it is not the home field, an airport, landing site, turnpoint, start gate, finish gate, or ultralight strip, but a landmark or an airspace reference.

The files contain additional information, beyond the 45 read by the Zander software, for use by Karel Termaat's flight planning software X-Country Planning and Analysing Software (XCPAS). That is, the files may be imported into both the Zander and the XCPAS software.

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Software for database management and FDR downloading and evaluation are available, as is documentation for both systems.

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